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This is a small boutique type show with very high quality artists.  Anthony, the director, has done an amazing job in recognizing what it is that is important to the artist and providing those things.  Load in is so easy.  Drive right up to your booth space.  The amount of time allowed for set up is unparalleled.  4 hours.  This show, which takes place in Cherry Creek North, comes ready with qualified buyers.  I had a great first show here, averaging what I usually average at the high end art festivals across the country.  I’m very excited about the future of this festival.  In my opinion this festival will keep getting better and better for the artists as time goes on.  Thank you Anthony, for putting on an outstanding art festival.

Tate Hamilton

I started doing Anthony's Smash Fine Arts Festivals a few years ago.  The first thing I noticed is his genuine desire to create high quality Fine Art Festivals and the drive to do what it takes to create a great artists' venue.  Most promoters are not concerned about the artists as they are their own image, not Anthony.  He is open to any suggestion that will improve the overall results for every artist.  He has 1 goal, to put on the best quality show possible.  His boutique shows have grown into just that.  They are an extremely high quality and well balanced boutique event that can really produce.

I have been doing Fine Art Festivals since 1974.  My very first Art Fair was the Ann Arbor Art Fair with the State Street Area Association.  Since then I have exhibited in numerous Fine Art Festivals, some with promoters and some with organizations.  To be able to work with someone and be candid is a rarity.  To have a promoter who realizes the value of the years of experience many of us have is even rarer.  Anthony has a definite concept and goal of what these events should be and I am pleased to be a part of it. 

Jonathon Stopper

I feel in humble gratitude for your outstanding art show, which is well selecting artists and especially how easy and convenient it is to partake in a boutique show.  In many years doing art festivals, I believe the most important part is location, selected artists, and the patrons that attend the event.  I participated in August 2021 which was more than qualified with excellent results - making me very happy and willing to participate in 2022.  This art festival in Cherry Creek North is the perfect location for a fine art event.  Thanks for your outstanding art festival.


I had the privilege to participate in the Cherry Creek North show in 2020 and am doing so again this year ('22). The show was very well organized and I sold very well.  The neighborhood is very affluent and the show is a small and up and coming gem.  It was very well attended and I am looking forward to participating again this year!

Doug Wodark

A very dedicated show organizer whom I've had the pleasure of working with.

Stefan Geissbuhler

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